Your options to fund your care

how can you pay?

All of our charges are agreed with our customers in advance. We want this process to be as stress free as possible for you and encourage you to ask us questions throughout.


You may also be eligible for funding to help towards the costs of your preferred care package. We often work in partnership with different local authorities and the NHS, making choosing the right care more affordable. Contact for more information or contact your local authority to arrange a visit from a social worker.

how to arrange your care as a self-funder

You can:

  • arrange and pay for care yourself without involving the council

  • ask the council to arrange and pay for your care (the council will then bill you, but not all councils offer this service and they may charge a fee)

how to approach government funding and

needs assessments

If you think you, or someone you know, needs help to cope day-to-day, the first step is to get a needs assessment from your local council.


This assessment will help the council to recommend a services such as:

  • equipment like a walking frame or personal alarm

  • changes to your home such as a walk-in shower

  • practical help from a paid carer

  • day care for your child if either you or they are disabled

  • access to day centres and lunch clubs

  • moving to a care home

  • The needs assessment is free and anyone can ask for one.

Apply for a needs assessment on the government website here 

If your assessment shows you are entitled to care, you will then receive a financial assessment (means test).


With some recent changes to the way social care entitlements are calculated, it may be possible that many individuals may not qualify for government support when looking for care.

You will not be entitled to help with the cost of care from your local council if:

  • you have savings worth more than £23,250

  • you own your own property (this only applies if you're moving into a care home)

During your assessment, you will have an opportunity to discuss all of your care and funding options with the social worker who is visiting you.