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Why choose home care services?

1. cost effective

Often home care is a significantly more affordable option than a care home, the prices for which are rising year on year. Our Live-in care is £975 per week, totally an annual cost of £50,700. In comparison, a high-quality care home can cost up to £1500 per week, totally £78,000 per year with an increase of 20-25% if nursing is required.


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2. stability

Our home care services, mean that you don’t need to move out of your home, as we come to you. It offers you the additional comfort of staying in your own surrounding and being close to loved ones while we work with you to provide the type of care you want.  

3. independence

Sometimes we can take the small things in life for granted, even from choosing when to have a cup of tea and biscuits for example can mean a lot some someone who has had decisions made for them their entire life, and one of the most common fears we have in life, is the fear of losing our independence. We pride our self on providing a service that ensures our clients remain as independent as possible.

4. flexibility

We understand how important it is to receive the right level of care at the right time, and know how often things in life can pop up unexpectedly. At WeMa care we are able to provide a flexible service that meets your needs as and when you need it, helping you get to those Doctors’ appointments, or be able to attend groups or meetings.

5. personalised care

Providing you with a home care service, affords us with the ability to offer you a bespoke service chosen by you to meet your needs. Our dedication to provide a person-centred service is something that sets us above that of care homes where the ability to provide a care the way you want it, is limited where staff have more than one person to focus on.

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